What's wrong with Wales

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Welsh Heroes - a fraud

The Chair of urenet Cymru - Andrew Green, the Head of the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth - said that the 100 Welsh Heroes Poll had been conducted properly and threatened the ex-IT Manager with legal action for 'defamation'.

The upshot now is:

There will be no legal action for defamation.

Culturenet Cymru accepts, 'there remains the possibility that such manipulation, that is, manipulation for purposes other than to combat 'fraud', was conducted'

How long has it taken Andrew Green to reach this position? We're all keen to see the correspondence between Mr Green and the Welsh Assembly.

Peter Black AM, who has taken an interest in this misspend of a considerable sum of taxpayers' money, declines to point the finger. So we will. The Marketing Department drove the fraud. knew all about it, and was the final authorisation for publishing the manipulated figures each week.

Someone's telling porkies.