What's wrong with Wales

Friday, October 29, 2004

Statistics to reveal Culturenet fraud

Culturenet Cymru will not make its 100 Welsh Heroes database available for public inspection. Perhaps there's another way to demonstrate that the figures are faked.

For example, out of the 100 finalists, there are 10 groups sharing exactly the same vote:

  • one group of four nominees, all with 57 votes
  • two groups of three nominees with 135 votes and 55 votes
  • seven groups of two nominees with 158, 143, 120, 81, 68, 64 and 62 votes

This looks like the sort of pattern you might expect if there were far fewer votes, necessarily clustering around a smaller spread (especially at the lower end), with successive artificial boosts given week on week - and that's exactly what the ex-IT Manager says happened.

If anyone who knows enough stats would care to take a look at the figures? Failing that we'll have to do the analysis ourselves.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Pants on fire

Andrew Green, Chair of Culturenet Cymru, has been trying to explain the 100 Welsh Heroes to Simon Thomas MP. Unfortunately, Andrew has failed to grasp what happened; we're sure he wouldn't deliberately lie to an MP.

Andrew Green says,
It is entirely true that a manual programme (sic) was developed which was usd to add and subtact votes in the running of the 100 Welsh Heroes poll ... it was used o input in excess of 4,0000 postal votes and to discount votes that contravened the rules
Andrew Green is getting very confused. The contractors who delivered the first two 100 Welsh Heroes websites (the nomination and the voting sites) did indeed supply a browser-based tool to manage postal votes. But the program written by the ICT Manager for the voting phase added and subracted percentages of votes cast and could not be used to input individual postal votes

Andrew Green goes on to say,
With regard to the specific allegation about votes cast for Cayo Evans being ignored, we can assure you that this allegation is completely without foundation
This is simply incorrect. Votes for Cayo Evans were discounted.

Andrew Green has copied his letter to the Acting Director of Culturenet, Leith Haarhoff. We expect Mr Haarhoff, after talking to the Marketing Manager of Culturenet Cymru, will get back to Andrew Green and explain how Simon Thomas has been misled.

Show us the database, Andrew Green.